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Are you ready for the fallout?

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ALright... so hey I'm Justina and I'm a sophmore at BCC.  Well let's see,  I hate Ms. Kidder [chemistry] but Zehner rocks [AP nsl].  I don't like Ms. Ain [Spanish] but Ms. Knoeker is cool [English].  I like Mr. Elliot [Pre-Engineering], and Ms. O'neil-Wood is... kinda odd but she's nice [photography].  Ms. Oliver is nice too but not a great teacher [Algebra 2 w/ Analysis]. 

So yeah.  ... ehm Mr. Leshner rocks... Ms. Yuter is a horrible teacher.  Mr. Leshner [an english teacher] speaks spanish better than her and better than Ms. Ain.  Ms. Ain is a native speaker.  Mr. Leshner is not. 

The song I'm listening to is an awesome song.  Music- I have a wide variety of stuff I like so... I like New Radicals, Blues Traveler, Linkin Park, Jason Mraz, The Beatles, GREG TRAFIDLO, Switchfoot, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billy Joel, Jack Johnson, John Lennon, FASTBALL... and other stuff. 

If anyone has ever even HEARD of Greg Trafidlo, you need to tell me. 

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